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  • Team diversity as an unfair advantage for innovation and growth

    Ever find yourself gravitating towards "likeminded" colleagues for the sake of smooth sailing? Sure, it's comfortable, but is it truly the path to growth and innovation? Dive into this captivating article to discover why diversity within teams isn't just a moral obligation—it's a game-changer for success in the tech world. Backed by eye-opening research from McKinsey & Company and the Harvard Business Review, you'll learn how diverse teams drive innovation, challenge norms, and ultimately reshape entire industries. Get ready to rethink everything you know about teamwork and unlock the secrets to thriving in today's competitive landscape.
  • What makes a good leader?

    In March 2019 Carlotta was selected, based on impact and performance, to attend the first Oracle Women Leadership (OWL) Emerging Leader Summit in the EMEA region. These are her key takeaways on what makes a great leader.