Carlotta Zorzi

Helping Individuals Develop and Startups Grow in the Tech Industry

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Connecting Dots

7 out of 10 most impactful marketing strategies for consultants are directly web related. As a tech partnerships leader with a marketing background and as a Board NED for high-growth startups, Carlotta advises startups through connecting the right dots and creating a solid expansion strategy. Carlotta consults on growth strategies focusing on cross-channel media, partnerships, multi-channel marketing strategy and Product & UX.

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Connecting (with) People

As a natural coach and mentor, Carlotta's 1:1 professional coaching will help you thrive in the tech industry. As stated by Henry Kimsey-House, "The two products of the work the coachee and coach do together—action and learning—combine to create change". From identifying your coaching needs to expanding your tech network, Carlotta will work with you to help you identify the next steps and actions to reach your goals.

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Connecting Minds

Did you know that we are 22 times more likely to remember a fact when it has been wrapped in a story? As a born storyteller, Carlotta thrives when she can tell stories that can inspire, educate, persuade and motivate. Connecting with the listeners' minds is of utmost importance, especially in a digital-first world like today. Get in touch today to discuss how a keynote from Carlotta can help motivate and educate your audience.

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Carlotta is a true professional within the ad tech industry, her approach to finding the right solution even if it's not the 'easy path' with clients has earned her trusted advisor status with the team & our most demanding clients.

Ben Geach, Consulting Lead, gTech Professional Services at Google

Carlotta Zorzi possesses a rare blend of confidence and empathy that makes her a force of nature when it comes to leadership and effective communication. As a trusted authority in the data and marketing technology space, Carlotta works tirelessly to advance the goals of her client partners and fellow co-workers alike. Two of Carlotta's many superpowers are her genuineness and authenticity, traits that are immediately apparent when working with Carlotta. Combine this with her natural charisma and you get a world-class professional and gifted public speaker whose talents have no outer limit.

Cory Ferreira, Senior Director, Global Product Marketing at Oracle

I would work with Carlotta again in a heartbeat and I am very sure she will very quickly achieve her goals. Such an amazing personality and a dream to work with.

Joyce Dodd, Chief Talent Officer at Publicis Groupe Africa

Carlotta displayed a passion for personal development and professional learning that was inspirational. She contributed enthusiasm, energy and commitment to deliver first class content. I really enjoyed how we worked together creatively and I was impressed by her dedication to produce a tailored workshop around Career Progression for women. Carlotta really excels when it comes to speaking and presenting, deploying a natural charisma and connection with her audience. I would recommend Carlotta as a speaker and a role model for women making their way in the tech and media industry

Fiona Cameron, Career and Wellbeing Coach

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